I T A L I A N O   Italian version 

S C R I T T O R I  I M M E R G E N T I


W e  k n o w  w e  c a n   b e  r e a l i s t i c,

b u t  w e  h a v e  "t h e  c o u r a g e  t o  b e  i m a g i n a t i v e".

• G L I I M M E R G E N T I •

                                      •  T H E  "I M M E R G E N T I"

Sicilian fishermen have differing opinions on fish: there are those from clear water (anchovies, sardines and mackerel, which are as loved as sliced bread), those from around the ports (grey mullets that you wouldn’t even give to the cat), deep water fish (which are difficult to catch because they are "immergenti", i.e. they "immerse" themselves) and those at the surface, the stupidest fish because they are so easy to catch. However, immersion isn’t just a way to escape or hide, it’s also a lifestyle. Deep down, a place where no man’s eyes can see, you never know what to expect: sometimes it’s so dark that you have to grope around and work not only with your instincts but also, and above all, with your imagination. We believe that this is the value added by an author. In a world that has coerced caution into those who no longer have the courage to explore, that has given you the sensation of knowing without really knowing, that you have spent time with people having not left your room, of feeling free in a Net, of transforming your feelings, your friendships and your interests into statistics, we continue to immerse ourselves in what surrounds us in order to build castles in the sky. We know we can be realistic but, paraphrasing Rodari, we also have “the courage to be imaginative”.

•  W H O  W E  A R E 

Our names are Pierdomenico Baccalario; Davide Calì; Giuseppe Festa; Alessandro Gatti; Davide Morosinotto; Christian Hill; Chrisian Antonini, Andrea Canobbio; Eduardo Jauregui; Daniele Nicastro; Maria Paola Pesce; Teo Benedetti; Mark Menozzi; Jacopo Olivieri; Andrea Pau; Elena Peduzzi; Tommaso Percivale; Sarah Rossi; Elisa Puricelli Guerra; Guido Sgardoli; Lucia Vaccarino and many others. We are a group of authors and writers that work with pleasure in a team environment, copywriters in the world of young people (and adults). We come from different backgrounds: a supposed-to-be notary former museum consultant, a medieval archaeologist ex-publicist from a major Italian publishing house, a former academic and Heidegger philosopher, a psychologist, a translator specialised in video games, a comic strip writer that designs toys, an ex-editor of game-books, and a former historian of political doctrines. Before writing we accumulated years of reading behind us. We think that the definition of “pop” is “what I like”. And that “culture” is “what I can talk about with the others in the group”. We like Macs, but we think that Macs don’t like our way of using them. We plan and share each piece of work. We assign things within the group. We work with literary agencies (one in particular because it has sold us abroad), but we are still independent. We aren’t a collective of writers. We strongly believe in the differentiation of people, content and styles, but we share the preparation work and our editorial experience. We like good restaurants and we don’t like meetings. We don’t take offence when someone tell us that our idea won’t work; usually we re-sell it a week later changing the title. We have names, surnames, nicknames and no-names (when we ghost-write). We don’t renounce our individuality for the sake of being a team as we each have different methods and styles of writing but they all adapt to each other and fit into our various plans. We think that marketing is a place that people find themselves when they haven’t found another job. We edit each other’s work and, when we have the chance, we act as our own agent. We have contracts and contacts with different publishing houses in Italy and abroad, but we are always ready to build new relationships. We use ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Skype’ to share our projects and we trust other people’s opinions (or, at least we listen attentively). Fundamentally we are creative people that are proudly friends.
And we always talk about projects.

•  W H Y  T H I S  N A M E ? 

Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and in a world of emerging authors we liked the idea of going in the opposite direction. Further more, the word "Immergenti" conjures an image of liquid, it stirs Verne’s abysses and dives into the subconscious, where they say the stuff of dreams reside, that properly selected like a pearl fisherman chooses pearls, is the base of all narratives. Especially those for young people.

•  W H A T  C A N  W E  D O ? 

We can write. And we can think about what to write.
Together, we have published more than one hundred and fifty books for the biggest Italian publishing houses (De Agostini, Einaudi Ragazzi, Fanucci, Fazi, Mondadori, Piemme). And these books have been translated into more than twenty languages. And yes, even Chinese.

                                  •  H O W  T O  C O N T A C T  U S ? 

We built a brand-new treehouse and you can find us there.

  W H Y  A R E  W E  D O I N G  I T

Because any little boy or girl knows that playing with friends is more fun than playing by yourself.